Established during the summer of 2011 to bring software development and music production closer together, Binary Concepts spun off Volcanoes for Hire. Now, BCI serves as a focal point for Ed’s continuing exploration of Computer Science and programming.

Ed Robinson, Ph.D.

avatar-196Ed is a recovering physicist who finally saw the light and reinvented himself as a computer scientist. Already having a BS and MS in Physics, he completed his transformation by getting a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Houston while teaching programming and mathematics at its downtown campus. He then left academia to pursue real world software development landing gigs at IBM, Fannie Mae, US Army, US Department of Defense, and Binary Group. He’s worked at every level of every sizeEd at Abbey Road Studio 2 of software project from a one-person in-house tool project on up to software architect of a $500M enterprise system. He’s written deliverable code in C, C++, Objective C, Java/J2EE, Python, and even Fortran for Macs, NeXT computers, PCs, assorted U
nix Workstations, mainframes, and parallel computers. The bulk of his code has been for distributed and enterprise systems including several dynamic Web apps.

After 25 years of teaching and consulting, Ed decided to have a mid-life crisis and went to Abbey Road Studios in London, England and 5AM Studios in Austin, Texas to record an album. The rest is currently a work in progress.