I believe you can teach an individual, lead a group, or lecture a crowd. With that in mind, I offer the following services.

  • I provide mentoring and individual teaching for $125 per hour.
  • I lead half day group workshops (video conference) for $125 per student (max 6 students).
  • I will be organizing live stream lectures at some point in the future once I pick a technology. These will likely be subscription based.

While I try to keep private information in confidence, I no longer sign NDAs or other restrictions of speech. NDAs are signed before the content has been revealed (of necessity). Once revealed, there can be a conflict if the content is something I’ve already worked on or simply common knowledge from the field of Computer Science. It’s easier to avoid those conflicts by not signing NDAs altogether.

Out of respect for previous contractual restrictions and agreements, I cannot work with customers of previous companies with whom I have contracted. Also, I no longer sign non-compete clauses and only honor those that have already been signed.