We provide the following business services for Album 2.0 projects.


For Artists and Producers

If you are working on a traditional Album 1.0 project, we can provide custom development of an iPhone/iPad app for your album for a modest increase in your overall budget (we use 20-30% as an estimate). Once you have a plan for the dynamic changes to be included in the app, we consult with your mix engineer as they organize and produce custom stems. We also reuse the graphic assets you would normally create for album packaging, promotions, and branding. These are combined with our in-house developed libraries and frameworks to create an interactive music experience.

In addition to the initial product work, we can provide special services such as handling establishment and management of your app store account and developing updates to your existing Album 2.0 products. We can discuss extended features such as in-app purchases, two-way communication with fans via notifications, and subscription based products. If this all sounds strange to you, feel free to contact us and we’ll fill you in on the details.


For Recording Studios

We can train groups of 2 or more engineers at your studio using one of your current projects as the lab example. The advantage of using your studio for the classroom is that you will learn practical skills in the setting where you will apply them. Our goal is that at the end of the training project you and your engineers can do your own Album 2.0 projects and provide updates for your clients. The cost is comparable to sending two people to an out of town professional training class.